Posted on Nov 20, 2018

Scottsdale Marijuana Cards

Here are some more benefits of medical marijuana you might not have known about. It’s Showing Promise in Treating Autism Like many other high-profile disorders, autism may be a prime target for cannabis-based treatments. Science is digging into it, but in the meantime, some parents are using it to help manage violent mood swings in autistic children. It Provides a Safer Alternative to Drugs and Alcohol Cannabis can be harmful if you use it irresponsibly, but it’s nowhere near as destructive as alcohol for example. With wider availability, cannabis can and will become a substance of choice – and likely save a lot of lives (and livers) in the process. It Helps Regulate Seizures Using medical cannabis to regulate seizures is another one of the more high-profile findings coming out of medical science. For folks with disorders like Epilepsy, cannabis is showing immense promise. It Can Help Broken Bones Heal Faster Can you believe that cannabis can actually mend broken bones? It’s true, as CBD evidently reacts chemically with collagen, spurring along the healing process. Another very exciting find. Learn more at